2 responses to “Manager selection and college football”

  1. thanks a lot Rolf for this interesting article – we could also analyse in Switzerland interesting correlations between changes of trainers and efficiency in football – eg FC Sion and add as another variable the salary of the trainers. k r

  2. Excellent comment. The most common criteria for manager HIRING include liquidity, bulk of AUM and institutional respectability (not performance) -Tick Box criteria in the main- whilst the most common criteria for manager FIRING are heavily weighted towards (bad) performance. (Why? One imagines asset allocators need someone to blame for THE single most important client criterion (performance)….it is slightly unusual for an asset allocator/ CIO to blame himself for poor judgement). By the way, in some countries not too distant from where I am sitting, FUND SELECTION (OK, sort of manager selection) is even done on the basis of the largest kick-back to the buyer. A proper academic study should be carried out on the correlation of fund performance and kick back proclivity. The results may be surprising.